Transportable silicon lamp shade using the flashlight of your smartphone. The idea occurred to me while I was having a nice evening with some friends on the beach. As the sunlight started to fade, we wanted to go back to the house and continue our evening there. But the beach was nice and leaving now would have been a shame. So I took my phone and turned on the flashlight. Though the light was strong and very unpleasant. To make the light more diffuse I took a white plastic bag and covered the phone.


Later, I decided to turn this into a product. Inspired by jellyfishes, the soft silicon shape gives an appealing light, while it protects your phone from water and sand. At the same time, keeping your phone inside this silicon shape keeps you from distractions for constantly being online. You are then free to spend the evening with friends, in a beautiful light from the Jellyfish Lamp.

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