CASIO BTR-S93NG (2017)


The CASIO BTR-S93NG is a combined bluetooth

speakers and FM radio. It is inspired by the language and codes of the suburbs, both in the aesthetics and the use of the product.


The idea behind this project is to answer to the lack of creativity on mainstream radios, by being able to receive short lenght waves of so called pirate radios.


That way, I want to give a platform to share your

thoughts, music, discussion, and interviews. For the youth, by the youth.


The sharp edges and simple shape resemble the typical architecture from the suburbs of Paris. Every detail is engraved on the body to make them as subtle as possible, and let the shape express itself as a whole. Physical buttons, switches and knobs make the usage simple and give a rough aspect, inspired by devices from the late 1950’s through the 1970’s. The transparent casing shows the entire structure and components of the bluetooth radio. It emphasizes the relation to brutalist architecture by exposing interesting details usually hidden in such objects.

© martin sallieres 2018