With this project I intended to explore new techniques of manufacturing footwear. I have been developing a 3d weaving technique, creating shoes from one material. By tweaking the properties of this material, I can play with density, flexibility, thickness. Very much like nature does. For example the structure of a tree is very different between the twigs and trunk and is still made from one material.

I created mesh as a full polyurethane shoe inspired by the weaving techniques of spiders, with a constant back and forth movement along the shoe last.


The interesting part about the project was the process as every step that has been taken were determining the way that final pair will look. That is why in the ultimate presentation,

every try outs and fails are shown along the finished product.


This shoe is approached as a concept shoe, comparable to a concept car, intending to make one wonder, and fascinate.


© martin sallieres 2018